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Carpet Cleaning in Weare

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This is a  great time of year to consider getting your carpets cleaned. We guarantee that your carpet will look and feel like new!

We use the Rotovac carpet restoration system to thoroughly clean the dirt and grime out of the carpet. This system leaves your carpet 20% drier than a traditional wand cleaning and will leave your carpet looking like new. The patented Rotary Head Extraction method of the Rotovac allows the dirt to be pulled out of the carpet without having to rely on the stamina of the person operating the machine. This allows for extraordinary cleaning and customer satisfaction…Guaranteed!


We guarantee that we will be able to get your carpets cleaner than any of our competitors. We guarantee the best carpet cleaning in Weare! This is because we use the Rotovac carpet restoration system. Compared to a traditional wand cleaning the Rotovac picks up more dirt and grime because of its dual head rotary extraction system. These heads cover 360 degrees of the carpet it’s cleaning while the traditional wand only goes back and forth.

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